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Pravah ( was formed in 1993 with the mission to work on ‘prevention’ of social conflicts by developing social responsibility and personal leadership among young people (adolescent and youth). We believe that social change is effected through deep mind-set change of individuals and along with the empowerment of the socially excluded it is imperative to hugely shift the attitudes of individuals in powerful decision making positions in order to change the social structures that marginalize communities.

It is kept alive by an active and engaged Governing Board and a strong and professional executive team, and is being fulfilled through the design and delivery of innovative experiential learning and action programs with diverse groups of young people across the country. We also train teachers, support youth led initiatives, incubate new organizations and partner with other organizations to mainstream youth development and active citizenship by providing organizational development and programmatic support. We are also engaged in influencing public policy in the field of youth.

More often than not, young people are preoccupied in four spaces that society legitimizes them to inhabit. These are 1) Family 2) Livelihood/Education 3) Friends, and 4) Leisure (which includes entertainment, worship and sports

among others) .There is one very vibrant space although quite marginalized that young people also occupy, which we call the 5th Space - a concept to inspire and facilitate young people to expand beyond the typical 4 spaces of career-education, family, friends and leisure by creating this space in the mentioned four spaces through exploring a journey from self to society and back .This is where young people understand themselves and engage in social action. It focuses on self-transformation of youth as much as on transforming society through them. The 5th space is co-owned and co-led by young people and adults, provides deep cross border experiences (including across borders of caste, class, gender, religion), and is a space for ‘refl-action’ (where in the best traditions of experiential learning, action is taken to learn about the self and reflection precedes and succeeds this action).

Annually, our total outreach is approx. 15000+ young people, support/mentor 100 social entrepreneurs/youth organizations, and work with around 100 partners.

So when you work (we prefer to call it ‘walk’ with us), you actually work with many others - young people, teachers, other organizations and the larger civil society – all from as diverse worlds as you can imagine.

Pravah is currently on a new curve of expansion – both in size and the scope of its interventions. To support it, a number of exciting opportunities have arisen for the engagement of inspired and committed people with diverse levels of skills and experience in Pravah.

In the current phase of our journey, we are looking for an inspired and committed fundraisers to work with us. Read on to know if it could be you!

Abilities Beyond Skills Programme

There is an urgent need to expand the scope of livelihoods programs to enhance employability, and measure their success not merely in terms of numbers placed, but also in terms of placements sustained, how individuals have grown in their chosen jobs/ careers over time and how satisfied they are with their overall quality of life. And this would surely be impacted positively if careers (whether as an employee or as an entrepreneur) are aligned to individual aspirations which in turn would impact the young person’s ability to choose the right livelihood option, sustain them and perform well.

Recognizing that current employability programs do not address the mismatch between employer expectations and potential employee needs, we at Pravah are in the process of developing an alternative youth centric curriculum and offer it to government and private players in the employability space. It is being developed in partnership with UNFPA and ComMutiny-the Youth Collective. It aims to build abilities/life competencies in youth being trained at vocational centres. The curriculum can be run alongside the technical curricula, or can be incorporated into the ongoing vocational training.

Curriculum goals

•                     Bridge the gap between expectations of potential employers and employees.

•                     Equip potential employees with flexible, congruent wholesome leadership values, attitudes, behaviors and decision making capacities.


Job Description – Associate Coordinator, ABILITIES BEYOND SKILLS:

Location: New Delhi; Type: Full time Specific responsibilities include:

●     Coordinating and facilitating Abilities Beyond Skills sessions/ workshops with different


●     Co-designing and developing curriculum and session designs.

●     Supporting the visibility and fundraising of the ABS programme

●     Contributing to project documentation and fundraising efforts via reports, impact stories, writing proposals, concept notes and relevant communication materials including presentations, in partnership with program teams.

●     Strengthening partnerships with Partners we are working with

●     Supporting & Anchoring team and Programme processes like team reviews, finance, mobilization, database, logistics, documentation & reports.

●     Participating in other Pravah processes and programs as well as represent the organization at different fora.

●     Building relationships with various Delhi and outstation organizations, educational institutions, partner organizations and resource persons.

●     Equipping yourself with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of citizenship action and youth development.

●     Developing, promoting and managing processes that build interpersonal relationships and personal connects within Pravah.

○     Engaging in the training and facilitation across other interventions within Pravah.

We are looking for a person with:

○         A postgraduate/ graduate degree with 1-2 years of work experience. Experience in the skilling sector will be preferred.

○         Ability to think creatively and have good story-telling ability. Good communication and presentation skills are needed. Design and computer skills will be advantageous

○         Experience in Project handling, Instructional design and Facilitation will be preferred.

○         Strong commitment to youth leadership and social justice issues; and a passion for leading exciting media campaigns on youth development

○         Ability to inspire and be inspired, keep commitments, think out of the box, build relationships

and be open to learning. Ability to work under pressure

○         Capacity to strengthen fund raising systems and processes within the organization including databases and computer-based communications and effectively coordinate meetings and events.

○         Willingness to travel outstation

○         Fluency in English and Hindi.

Salary range for the Experience of 1 to 2 years is 3 lakhs upto 3.6 lakhs per annum

●             We are looking for people who are willing to make a minimum of a 2 year commitment to Pravah. We offer an enriching learning environment and the opportunity to work with a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who share a common vision.